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    As we move from the industrial age and its nation state to an internet age with a globalized postindustrial market, a question presents itself: What is the next major developmental stage of society after the liberal democracy with a balance between capitalism and welfare state?

    In this audiobook Hanzi Freinacht offers a compelling answer to this question. We are reaching the limits of modern society, and we must work to achieve a metamodern society, that is, a society that goes beyond modern life and its institutions. The metamodern society of the future is a listening society; a society more sensitive to the inner dimensions of human beings.

    Drawing upon an elaborate weaving of psychology, sociology, political science, and philosophy, this audiobook lands in a positive vision for the future. It shows how a clear description of human psychological growth - how we grow as human beings - can also offer us key insights into how global society can and should evolve in the internet age. A politics that can help humans grow to the later stages of psychological development is also one that can be capable of meeting the staggering challenges of our time.

    In the first part of the audiobook Hanzi examines the politics and culture of the Nordic countries and shows how these progressive societies offer a fertile ground for metamodern politics. In the second part of the audiobook he turns to developmental psychology, describing how humans evolve through a series of stages - and how this matters immensely for the happiness and survival of us all.

    As this story unfolds - in a uniquely provocative genre breaking manner - you will also glean insight into your own developmental stage and those of people around you.

    Listen with caution.

    Author: Hanzi Freinacht.

    Narrator: Richard Pshock.

    Executive Producer: Aurora Quinn-Elmore.

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

    ©2017 Metamoderna ApS (P)2021 Aura Venture Labs, LLC


    "One of the best Politics ebooks of all time" (

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