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An adage is a short saying that transmits knowledge, and some have been around for generations. You might remember a parent or grandparent saying "a bird in the hard is worth two in the bush", "a leopard can't change its spots", or "better safe than sorry". There are hundreds of these sayings and they all translate into excellent advice and food for thought.   

I have come up with dozens of new adages over the years. Some are quotes from famous people, some I heard somewhere and they stuck with me, and other I just made up. We all have automatic thoughts that we repeat to ourselves over and over again. This makes our neurons fire in a certain way. When we change those thoughts from negative to positive, the old neurons die, and new ones are created. 

The New Adages can take over old negative thoughts and actions and change the way you think and respond to external events, as well as your own moods and feelings. Mindfulness made easy.   

The best way to utilize this audiobook is to first listen through the entire book, which takes about 30 minutes. Take note of the adages that really resonate with you. Pick one adage and use it for a while. Listen to it in the morning and at night. Turn it over in your mind. Think of times it would have helped you in the past. Use the adage as an affirmation. Talk about it with friends and colleagues. Watch and be aware. When you are at a crossroads, this adage will actually put you into mindfulness and will alter your old ways of doing things. Revisit the new adages frequently and repeat this process.   

We don't need to reinvent the wheel, but we can find new and different ways to use it.

©2017 Karen Kindred, LCSW (P)2019 Karen Kindred, LSCW

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