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The Intuitive Eating Workbook

A Practical Guide to Your Well-Being
Autor: Lisa P. Young
Sprecher: Adrienne Walker
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 3 Min.

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Are you tired of dieting and not seeing any meaningful results?

Do diets not work on you anymore?

If you are on the verge of giving up on living healthy and going back to your old eating habits, stop right there! This book is about to transform your life and make all your fitness dreams come true! It tells you about Intuitive Eating, which is creating quite a storm these days. 

What is it? 

As more and more people realize that diets are not for them, they look for better sustainable options. It's how intuitive eating has been able to resurface again! 

  • The sooner you realize that diets are problematic and hold no value, the better it is for you. Once the issue has been identified, the healing process can begin.
  • Intuitive Eating is the best possible solution to attaining a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it.
  • It is based on 10 core beliefs or principles which can take you closer to your goal and help you become successful in life. 
  • There are numerous benefits of intuitive eating, which you will realize later on. It promotes body positivity and reduces eating disorders. 
  • The philosophy presents a long term and sustainable solution to all dietary problems and increases self-esteem and confidence.
  • Mindfulness will make your life better and improve your overall health. 
  • Improving your self-image is about building upon yourself and living the best life possible. 
  • Learn how to make smart food choices and plan well. 
  • Recognize the stressors and manage stress effectively. It will make life infinitely easier. 
  • Begin your journey of intuitive eating and heal your relationship with food.

You learn how to fall in love with yourself and appreciate your body in its healthy image. You find out how to avoid negative thoughts and find joy in the little moments of life again. 

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©2020 Lisa P. Young (P)2020 Lisa P. Young


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