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    There is a darkness coming ...

    Rayne of the Mantle searches for the magician Aven to confirm rumours of the dara-witch Infinity’s presence on Valaris. He isn’t prepared for what he actually finds. Changeling children bent on murder, a secret Society of Sorcerers, the mysterious waif Averroes, and the Maghdim Medaillon, a magical coin that creates a thread of light between two realms.

    Two worlds in two universes are on the brink of destruction. Both will burn. Connecting them and their shared fate is a linked past, a glowing thread, and a tear in the fabric of space. Separating them is a mighty Chaos barrier.

    Valaris is vulnerable to the Infinity and, beyond Ardosia, the Darak Or Margus watches for the perfect opportunity to annihilate a world and its people. Both will use Chaos as a weapon of ultimate manipulation.

    Taranis of the Guardians is summoned to witness what will happen to Valaris should Ardosia fail and is forced to endure the darkness blockade. In the aftermath, he understands the Guardians need a sorcerer of extraordinary power to step forth. Is there anyone out there able to prevent eternal night?

    Rayne meanwhile dreams of a little girl from another world desperate for help and cannot fathom how, until he meets the Guardians in the Great Forest of Valaris. When they reveal the presence of a tear in space, Rayne realises he is being gathered to fulfil his destiny...

    And on Ardosia a little girl awakes from a nightmare, screaming, “It will all burn, daddy!”

    Another awakens; a legendary figure from the forgotten past, creator of the Maghdim Medaillon, the true ruler of both Valaris and Ardosia. His time is now.

    There is a darkness coming.

    ©2013 Elaina J. Davidson (P)2018 Elaina J. Davidson

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