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    Fall is upon us with the beautiful colored leaves, cooler temperatures, and alluring views. What better way to enjoy this season, but with a walk or hike through the woods? It's even more enjoyable if you bring your dog, or even your entire family with you on your hike.

    This book describes in greater detail where to look, what to look for, and how to choose day-hiking boots and other important hiking must-haves and essentials. Knowing where to look and what to look for, you can be sure to get the high-quality hiking boots you need without paying extra for features you don't need.

    We'll also talk about the kinds of places to shop for hiking boots, features to look for, pitfalls to avoid, and techniques to make sure you have the right fit to get you started.

    Book content includes:

    Chapter 1 - Hiking Boots: An Introduction and Overview

    Chapter 2 - How to Select the Best Hiking Boot

    Chapter 3 - Hiking Boot Accessories - Hiking Socks, Insoles, Laces, and Crampons

    Chapter 4 - Cleaning, Care, and Maintenance of Your Most Important Piece of Hiking Equipment

    Chapter 5 - Hiking with a Large Family

    Chapter 6 - Hiking with Your Dog - Make Sure Your Dog Is Just as Prepared as You

    Chapter 7 - Hiking Shoes vs Hiking Boots - Which Is Better?

    Chapter 8 - High-Quality Inexpensive Hiking Boots: How to Choose and Where to Find Them

    ©2019 Themeworks Production (P)2019 Themeworks Production

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