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    Based on a true story. 

    When Tameka gets kicked out of her apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, she convinces her best friend, Belinda, to allow her to move in with them until Tameka gets back on her feet. While living free of charge with the family for several months, Tameka maliciously puts voodoo on Belinda's seven-year old daughter, La'Quishia, and runs off with her best friend's husband, Carl. Tameka is also suspected of secretly igniting a house fire that kills La'Quishia's best friends, Kisha and Kimani, and their elderly grandmother.  

    For five long years, young La'Quishia Brown struggles to deal with the betrayal of her "Auntie Meka", the absence of her father, the tragic death of close friends and loved ones, and relentless bullying and alienation from her classmates at school. Moreover, La'Quishia's mother must find a way to successfully exorcise thousands of evil, destructive spirits from inside her daughter's body before it's too late.

    ©2020 Akida Shephard (P)2020 Akida Shephard

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