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    Award-winning author L. Glen Enloe strikes again with his latest Western adventure - This is The Gunslinger Bolejack: A Bad Man is Hard to Bury. Ride the high country with one of the finest authors of traditional westerns in town! 

    They called him Bolejack. But who was he really? The big bronze-haired stranger on a blood-red horse had come out of nowhere asking questions - questions no one would answer. Driven by a sense of long-suppressed revenge and a lost legacy, Bolejack tries to burst through the wall of secrecy that clouds the Black Cross Ranch and the hellhole known as Maggotwood. 

    Do two empty graves hold the secret of King Westrum and his dead wife and son? Only time and empty shell casings hold the answer. If you like the western adventures of Paul L. Thompson, C. Wayne Winkle and Scott Harris, you’ll love this brand-new Western bonanza from L. Glen Enloe!

    ©2020 L. Glen Enloe (P)2021 Longhorn Publishing

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