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    For the first time, all three Madness books are offered as a single audiobook title: The Final Outbreak. Get your copy today - over 23 hours of action! 

    Our end is coming. It’s closer than you think. And it’s real. 

    The final outbreak starts with the animals and moves swiftly to humans, turning the infected violent. Cities fall as the outbreak spreads as far as the winds blow, leading to society’s end. A lucky few may survive, but for how long in a world ravaged by an always present disease? Or is all hope lost? 

    This story is true; it just hasn’t happened...yet. Listen to The Final Outbreak now to find out how it will start, and then get prepared! 

    Rated R for Violence and Language.

    ©2019 Michael L. Banner (P)2019 Michael L. Banner

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