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    A brand new way to connect with angels!   

    For eons, angels have been depicted as masculine beings, but times are evolving! In this first ever book to solely explore who the Female Archangels are (known as Archeiai), you'll discover how to heal and empower your life as you create heaven on Earth.   

    In The Female Archangels, award-winning author and Founder of Angel Healing®, Calista provides innovative ways to meet, merge, and ascend with angels. The Archeiai (twins to the male archangels) are coming into our awareness as the Divine Feminine rises. Discover what messages the Archeiai have for you as they evoke and escort you through many breakthroughs on a return journey to bliss and balance, plus, unearth the root cause of dis-ease with the Angel Healing® Prescription Guide.   

    Calista introduces you to 11 of the most on-purpose Archeiai through sharing their direct guidance, attunements, ceremonies, and rituals. Align to the energy of each angel through their exquisitely channeled imagery and contemplative exercises, then watch as every area of your life transforms! Let yourself be seen, heard, healed and empowered as your dreams manifest, your vibration rises and your heart fills with love anew. All awaits you, beautiful soul....

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    ©2020 Calista (P)2020 Calista

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