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    Half fae. Half dragon. All theirs.

    Five hot dragons stole me from Earth to be their queen, so I’d better learn fast.

    I was abandoned on Earth as a baby, but I never thought I came from another where I'm destined to be queen.

    When a naked dragon shifter walks out of a lake to rescue me from my screwed-up ex, Drake and his best friends whisk me out of my screwed-up life and into a dangerous land of spies and secrets, dusty thrones and fragile eggs. The four dragons claim me as their queen and mate. All of them. At once. Jackpot, right?

    But my new life comes with hard days and hot nights. The prophecy says the bonds I build with the elemental dragons will save Aviare from one man’s craving for power. I just have to learn to use my newfound powers, hold my own in a magical fight, claim our ancestral castle, call up an army, raise my dragonets...and save the world.

    Oh, and persuade my men not to kill Ever, our fifth mate. He may be a traitor, but he holds the clues to my past and the keys to our future.

    Either I become who I was born to be, or we all perish.

    It's time to embrace the flame.

    The Fae Dragon’s Harem is a complete paranormal reverse harem FMMMMM series with MM scenes. Scroll up to listen now, and dive into a whole new world of magic, danger, and passion...and five dragon shifters who won’t let anything get between them and the queen who will save dragonkind.

    ©2021 Melody Novak (P)2021 Melody Novak

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