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    The newly updated and expanded edition of the groundbreaking best seller The Emotionally Healthy Church features a fuller, deeper look at the six principles contained in the original and includes a crucial additional chapter: "Slow Down to Lead with Integrity". Our churches are in trouble, says Scazzero. They are filled with people who are:

    • Unsure how to biblically integrate anger, sadness, and other emotions
    • Defensive, incapable of revealing their weaknesses
    • Threatened by or intolerant of different viewpoints
    • Zealous about ministering at church but blind to their spouses' loneliness at home
    • So involved in "serving" that they fail to take care of themselves
    • Prone to withdraw from conflict rather than resolve it

    Sharing from New Life Fellowship's painful but liberating journey, Scazzero reveals exactly how the truth can and does make you free - not just superficially but deep down. You'll acquire knowledge and tools that can help you and others:

    • Look beneath the surface of problems
    • Break the power of past wounds, failures, sins, and circumstances
    • Live a life of brokenness and vulnerability
    • Recognize and honor personal limitations and boundaries
    • Embrace grief and loss
    • Make incarnation your model to love others
    • Slow down to lead with integrity

    This new edition shares powerful insights on how contemplative spirituality can help you and your church slow down - an integral key to spiritual and emotional health.

    ©2015 Peter Scazzero (P)2015 Zondervan

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