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    What do you do when the Earth is under assault from monstrous creatures by alternate dimensions and you're the only person who can wield the weapon that can destroy them? That's the situation facing Richard Oort, hero of Melinda Snodgrass' Edge of Dawn.

    Lonely and overwhelmed after a series of terrifying, catastrophic global and personal events, Richard is still determined to save the world from the horrific "old ones". He goes undercover in a Christian fundamentalist compound, playing house with an attractive FBI agent. At first this serves only to increase his loneliness, as he misses his real family. But against all odds, he discovers another unique human who can use the paladin's weapon, one who might be able to join him and lighten the burden of responsibility. There's only one problem - Mosi is a nine-year-old Navajo girl.

    Their enemies are trying to kill both Richard and Mosi - and have already killed Mosi's family. To keep her safe, Richard becomes her guardian. But an error in judgment leads to disaster and betrayal, and now the odd pair will need to summon all their strength to survive the coming battle. From the American Southwest to a secret society in Turkey, the paladin and his ward try to stay in front of their enemies. But the world is at stake - and time is running short.

    ©2015 Melinda Snodgrass (P)2015 Audible, Inc.

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