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    This book brings together two collections of poems.

    Part one of the book is a collection of pieces that I composed between February 2004 and December 2005. In February 2004 I learned that, due to an eye condition, I would eventually lose my sight, and these pieces reflect both my frustrations and sadness as I learned more about the condition and why it was happening. In many ways they express the confusion and anger that I felt during that period of time as gradually my usable vision dwindled away to nothing. But, as you will see from the later part of the collection, this ever-changing roller coaster of emotions eventually began to slow down, and hope and self-belief began to triumph over despair and anger. Thankfully, as time passed, my life began to steer in a more positive direction, away from the self-destructive path that I would have inevitably taken had I not found some degree of inner peace.

    The second part of the book is a collection of stand-alone pieces that I wrote for a variety of reasons. Some were inspired by personal experiences, others by people or historical events, and some by my love of sci-fi and fantasy - while others were written "just because".

    ©2017 James Goldsworthy (P)2018 James Goldsworthy

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