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    Ex-trailer trash. Ex-res. Dishonorably discharged ex-Force Recon Marine and MP. Ex-con. Ex-biker. Ex-FBI informant. Ex-wrestler. It’s a lot of x’s to have by your name. It can give you a bad attitude, and it is not a good resume for most walks of American life. But it’s not a bad career track at all for a fixer in Los Angeles, and if the name of the new job is surviving the end of the world? 

    Put it this way. Staying alive in the post-apocalypse can be a real bitch. Sometimes it takes a real bastard. 

    My name is Benjamin Allen Frame. Last night the Earth died screaming. Today is Day One....

    Performed by Bradley Smith, Kimberly Gilbert, Jason B McIntosh, Nora Achrati, Andy Brownstein, Nick DePinto, Ren Kasey, Andy Clemence, Duane Beeman, Alejandro Ruiz, Michael John Casey, Michael Glenn, Frank Britton, Carolyn Kashner, Jonathan Feuer, Colleen Delany, Marni Penning, Scott McCormick, Eric Messner, Jacob Yeh, Nanette Savard, Lawrence Redmond, Danny Gavigan, Zeke Alton, Mort Shelby, Laura C Harris, Dawn Ursula, Richard Rohan, Karen Novack, Chris Stinson, Ken Jackson, James Lewis, Andrew Quilpa, Dani Stoller, Terence Aselford, Nathanial Perry.

    Volume 2 of 2.

    ©2019 Chuck Rogers (P)2019 Graphic Audio, LLC

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