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The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish

The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection
Autor: Neil Gaiman
Sprecher: Neil Gaiman
Spieldauer: 13 Min.

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One day Nathan comes over with two goldfish named Sawney and Beaney. "I'll swap you them," says the little boy of the house. "What for?" asks Nathan. As it turns out, Nathan doesn't want anything that the boy and his little sister suggest for trading...not an old spaceship or even Clownie the clown.

Finally, the boy has an idea, the kind of idea that changes the whole world: he decides to swap his dad. After all, the boy brags, his dad is as big as 100 goldfish and he swims better than a goldfish.

Neil Gaiman's at his best in this hip, hilarious story for all ages about the perils of bartering family members.

This audio is also part of The Neil Gaiman Audio Collection.

©2004 Neil Gaiman (P)2009 HarperCollins Publishers


"[Gaiman is] more than up to the task of reading his work with great style....He performs as a consummate storyteller." ( Publishers Weekly)

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