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    How to raise a hyperactive child with ease and become a parent he/she wants and needs the most?

    Have you ever found it a little difficult to stay calm when trying to defuse those explosive outbursts of your child?

    Does your little one struggle to read, write, coordinate, emphasize, handle frustration, and act on other, for some children, basic skills?

    Would you like to be able to see the world from your child’s eyes and realize the best way to teach the valuable and crucial life skills he/she needs?

    If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on....


    I know that life gets challenging at times and that sometimes you are feeling lost, confused, and even angry.

    But I also know that you love your little one with all your heart and that you’ll do whatever it takes to provide him with the best care you can.

    That’s why I want you to realize that this is not some “quick-fix” scheme, and you shouldn’t expect transformational results in 7 days. But!

    If you follow the steps inside this book, you can expect an amazing long term outcome and some really pleasant changes start happening in the next few weeks and months.

    Now take a look at what’s inside:

    • How to know if your child is Hyperactive or Restless? (you must detect the condition first before taking action!)
    • Four childhood stages or hyperactivity and what you need to know about each one?
    • How to educate your hyperactive child, so he/she doesn’t experience explosive outbursts or unpredicted reactions to teaching?
    • What your child truly needs? (Find out the three stages of life when their needs and wants change dramatically and what you need to do about it)
    • Difficulties in social skills? Here is a foolproof method to gradually socialize your child without any negative effects

    You may not see results in the first few days, but if you follow the principles inside this book and stay patient long enough, you’ll be surprised!

    So don’t wait, scroll up, click on “BUY" and start listening!

    ©2021 Thea Wilson (P)2021 Thea Wilson

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