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    Charlie Simpson’s robust voice and authentic British accent lend a sense of grandeur to "The Clerk’s Tale", this first story of Group E in Geoffrey Chaucer’s seminal Canterbury Tales, the saga of an Italian marquis who marries the peasant Griselda and forces her to endure a series daunting tests, including the staged kidnapping of her children, so that she could prove her loyalty to him.

    Though written over 600 years ago, timeless themes resonate throughout this classic read by the talented Simpson, who expertly captures the rhythm of Chaucer’s verses.


    This is a story from the Canterbury Tales II: Modern Verse Translation collection.

    Four more delightful tales from one of the most entertaining storytellers of all time. Though writing in the thirteenth century, Chaucer's wit and observation comes down undiminished through the ages, especially in this accessible modern verse translation. The stories vary considerably from the uproarious Wife of Bath's Tale, promoting the power of women to the sober account of patient Griselda in the Clerk's Tale.

    Public Domain (P)2002 Naxos AudioBooks

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