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The Blue Lives Apocalypse Boxset (Books 1-3)

A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Thriller (The Blue Lives Apocalypse Series)
Autor: Lee West
Sprecher: Charles Hubbell
Spieldauer: 16 Std. und 49 Min.

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The entire Blue Lives Apocalypse series in one bundle! Plenty of post-apocalyptic action and suspense.  

Sam and Jane Archer walk out of a backcountry hiking trip into a living nightmare. Their car is vandalized and dead, along with every other vehicle in the trailhead parking lot. Unable to get a cell phone signal and spooked by a threatening encounter, they resign themselves to a long hike home, suspecting a possible EMP attack against the US.  

What they discover along the way shakes them to the core!  

The electrical grid has been down for two weeks, plunging the world as they once knew it into complete chaos. Citizens live in helpless terror of violent gangs - the police hunted down and killed on sight. Food and essential resources have dwindled to nothing, taken by the wild bands of marauders that have risen from the collapse to murder and plunder at will.   

Little hope remains, as Jane, a local police officer, and her husband, Sam, a military veteran, start the harrowing journey home to save their only daughter, Lea - before she is consumed by the madness - and help the communities retake their homes from the criminals who have descended upon them.

©2016-2018 Lee West (P)2018 Lee West


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