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    In the Mind Forest, sunlight shines through dappled trees, and the grass grows sweet. But something is not right in the Mind Forest, where no footsteps ever seem to fall. Something is not right in the clear paths and the still streams. For deep in the Mind Forest dwells something unnatural, something that only emerges by night.

    When Belua journeys to face the Beast of the Mind Forest and avenge the death of his truest friend Amica, he knows the odds are against him. A year's training or 10 years training, none who have faced the Beast have returned. Along the way, Belua will face thieves and damsels in distress. And if he's lucky, Belua might just survive long enough to meet his end at the lair of the Beast!

    ©2015 Proxy Publishing (P)2017 Proxy Publishing

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