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    The Battle of Jutland remains among the most massive, scientifically advanced naval battles in world history. Pitting German submarine technology against the British Empire’s overwhelming "command of the seas", the battle was, nevertheless, indecisive, with both sides claiming victory. This lively look at the controversial World War I battle features an ensemble cast and superb primary source role-playing. Nigel Lambert (Adventures of Paddington Bear) oversees the proceedings with eloquence and fluidity, while Michael Burrell (Hound of the Baskervilles) and David Strong (Sense and Sensibility) lend imperial pomp to Royal Navy Admirals Jellico and Beatty, as they prepare for "the next Trafalgar". Michael Sheard (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade), known for his profiles of famous German villains, portrays Reinhard Scheer, the crafty High Seas commander.


    It was the most controversial naval battle of the 20th century. Statistically, both sides lost; but the British Fleet was readied for action again within 24 hours and dominated the seas for the rest of the First World War. This programme recreates the whole dramatic conflict.
    ©1978 Kenneth Allen (P)1978 Ivan and Inge Berg

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