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    Just the right book that you need for difficult times.

    Discover a new and more effective method of experiencing peace and tranquility in your life. Be the driver of your fate with the steps and guidelines explained in this book and change your life exponentially.

    What is stoicism? Can I really be happier by not feeling or getting less emotionally involved? Stoicism involves acquiring self-control and fortitude development as a means of combating destructive emotions.

    In simpler words, it means that you shouldn't let your feelings play a significant role in deciding how you lead your life. This phenomenon is best explained as facing your life using your own set of rules and not being driven by fate or destiny. Some might coin it as playing a different set of cards than the hand dealt to you. This unorthodox approach to life is rare and beneficial as you become the master of your future.

    Being able to withstand emotional influence to drive your choices allows you to fully comprehend the situation at hand with a clear mind, and tackle it accordingly. Such practices are what make up an intentional individual, and they can be easily obtained from this comprehensive daily stoic meditations book. Why should you decide to practice this stoic philosophy?

    Being stoic doesn't mean that you are oblivious to what goes on around you, as some might think, but rather, not accepting them get to you. Through our well-written step by step guide, you are now fully equipped to spin your life around and gain skills to tackle life's challenges differently. This is because The Art of Stoicism represents easily adaptable examples and regimes into your daily life routine.

    Buy The Art of Stoicism today and enjoy this mind-provoking and practical guide to mental health meditation to gain a stoic mind-set. Living in the past hinders you from truly grasping what awaits you in your future.

    ©2020 Ian Tuhovsky (P)2020 Ian Tuhovsky

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