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The Art of Recruiting

Autor: Tom Hopkins
Sprecher: Tom Hopkins
Spieldauer: 47 Min.
Kategorien: English - Business, Sales

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Are you building a business or growing a team? Learn proven strategies for winning others over to your team with my recruiting strategies: 

There are different strategies to use when selling others on joining you in a business endeavor. It’s still a matter of selling, but you’re selling an opportunity instead of a product or service. And part of what people are buying is you - the opportunity to work directly with you. 

In this 45-minute training, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find the best recruits (Hint: They’re all around you.)
  • How to recognize signs that someone is interested in joining your organization 
  • Questions to ask, the answers to which, tell you if someone is likely to be a good recruit
  • Four ways to get people’s attention in order to discuss your opportunity 
  • The exact words to say to open a conversation about your business or opportunity
  • Five specific strategies for finding qualified recruits
  • How to handle the most common objections to getting involved 
  • Understanding why people say “no” and which “nos” are real versus stalls

Tom Hopkins has trained associates for many of the top 100 globally recognized direct selling companies. His recruiting strategies have been proven successful in direct selling, network marketing, and by small businesses wanting to add associates to their teams. 

This power-packed 45-minute audio includes many ideas and strategies for growing your successful team! Download your copy now!

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