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The Alpha's Dilemma

Full Moon Series, Book 4
Autor: Mia Rose
Sprecher: Vannessa Kelly
Serie: Full Moon Series, Titel 4
Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 53 Min.

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Can Gabriel really be the new alpha? How will he pull everything off, with Declan now gone MIA? Megan is not a happy camper because he's been acting more than peculiar, lately. He's being a spoiled brat on top of his new-found masculinity.

Noelle will have a hard decision to make; one affecting her entire future. But what path should she choose...? And will her decisions lead her to her perfect love, Declan? And is he really that, at all?

Meanwhile, Declan needs strength from within to keep himself going. Is it possible that he can never turn again? And what on earth did he consume from Edmund? Is it really a long-term problem?

The past will come to light as Declan remembers a part of his childhood, and a strange meeting with a man who knows much, much more. The connections will take him deeper than he ever thought possible. A witch? How is that even an answer?

©2017 Mia Rose (P)2017 Mia Rose

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