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The Alpha Male's Guide to Mastering the Art of Eye Contact

Autor: Sean Lysaght
Sprecher: J. Alexander
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 34 Min.
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Warning! This book will teach you how to seduce a woman in one glance, intimidate your peers, and how to unleash the alpha male in you!

Ever had trouble holding eye contact? Want to be seen as a leader? Want to be seen as confident, in control, and completely at ease with the man you are?

Forget all the self-help books; it's all in the eyes, my friend.

Science has shown that the eyes actually are the gateway to the soul. When looking at someone deep in their eyes, you see that person's true character. Their soul, if you will.

By mastering the art of eye contact, you will be able to harness this scientific fact. You can use it for good or evil.

But one thing is certain. You will have everyone around you responding differently. You will be on track to unleashing your alpha!

How mastering eye contact will improve your life:

  • People Will Look at You Differently
  • You Will Get More Respect
  • You Will Feel Better About Yourself
  • You Will Be Seen as More Confident and Attractive
  • Your Interactions Will Be More Intimate and Intense

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Learn the secrets of eye contact training:

  • The Eyes of the Alpha Male
  • The Alpha Male Mindset
  • Why Eye Contact is So Important
  • Building More Intimacy
  • Conveying Your True Self Through the Eyes
  • The Silent Opener: Talk to Girls Without Speaking
  • How Eyes Display Body Language
  • The Eye Contact Contest: Who Will Break First?
  • Eye Contact "Ninja" Trick That Seduces Women on a Glance!
  • Mirror Neurons: The Science Behind Eye Contact
  • Winning Through Intimidation: Concrete Examples of Alpha Eye Contact
  • Land Before Language: The Evolution of Non-Verbal Communication
  • And Much, Much More

©2015 Sean Lysaght (P)2016 Sean Lysaght


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