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The Adventures of Word Girl Collection

Four Stories
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Becky Botsford is a fifth grader, who transforms into the superhero WordGirl! She is the Superman of young girls, only she also has an extensive vocabulary that helps defeat all the evil villains who get in her way. Based on a popular PBSKids series, Annie Auerbach's The Adventures of Word Girl boasts joyous performances from Marc Thompson and Donna Feingold; their appropriately cartoonish style is an energetic hoot that will entertain young children as well as their parents. Do you want to have fun while learning new words? Then join WordGirl and her trusty sidekick Captain Huggy Face!


WordGirl chronicles the adventures of Becky Botsford, a mild-mannered fifth grader who, at the call of duty, transforms into WordGirl - caped crusader and definition dynamo! When there is trouble in the big city, this super heroine in disguise uses vocabulary to defeat outlaws bent on "Word" domination.

Follow Becky and her faifthful sidekick, Captain Huggy Face, on their awesome adventures, defeating a quirky cast of misfit bad guys and gals with her uncanny vocabulary skills and superhero strength. You might just pick up some new vocabulary words along the way!

Stories include "Coupon Madness", "Lair, Sweet Lair", "A Monstrous Birthday", and "Two-Brained Terror".
©2010 Annie Auerbach (P)2010 Scholastic


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