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    Things are going pretty good for Gwyndolin Prescott. She’s just moved back to Aspen Falls to take a great job at the Aspen Falls Retirement Village, she’s reconnected with her old college friends - Phyllis Habernackle, Char Bailey, and Loni Hodges, she’s got an upcoming date with one of the most eligible bachelors in town, and she’s just inherited a beautiful Victorian house from her late friend, Kat. How could things get any worse?

    Hazel Prescott just wants to have a little fun. She doesn’t mean to get into trouble, but trouble just sort of follows her around like a shadow. So, when Hazel gets herself embroiled in one of the biggest predicaments of her life, she can’t tell her daughter, Gwyn. She just can’t! The stakes are too high. Instead, she involves the Coffee Coven to help her out of the situation. But sometimes, secrets have a way of catching up to you, especially when the dead just won’t seem to stay put! 

    That Crazy Witch! is the sequel to That Old Witch! and is a crazy, fun-filled adventure set in Aspen Falls, Pennsylvania. It features senior sleuths, friendship, magic, and mystery, with a pinch of romance. 

    Please note: This book contains some mature language and adult references.

    ©2018 M.Z. Andrews (P)2019 M.Z. Andrews

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