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    Have you ever wondered what the erotic side of everyone’s favorite Bible story characters would be like? Ever think of what those characters would look, act, feel, and behave like in today’s more sexually open-minded society? What would it look like if you combined those two elements?

    Testaments: A Collection of Erotic & Kinky Shorts is a dark, taboo, erotica-based anthology that will take you on a kinky and sexually arousing journey you never knew you needed.

    Trigger warning: The author of this title used certain characters from the Bible to inspire the stories in this collection. If fictional characters that explore the notion that people - including the people in this good book - were sexual creatures, as human beings truly are, please be forewarned that this collection may offend you. To everyone else, enjoy!

    ©2019 Rachel R. Jones (P)2020 Rachel R. Jones

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