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    Are you worried about your teen’s critical life, your weakening relationship with them and their increasing vulnerability to the damaging effects of modern technology? This audiobook is here to help you take that burden away!

    Have you always desired to improve your relationship with your teenage child by understanding them, acquainting yourself with how they think and their world in general; be able to protect and assist them survive the modern technological world with countless risks, but you don’t even have the slightest idea where to start?

    Then keep reading...

    Are you sick and tired of worrying about being clueless about how to handle the growing rift between you and your teenage child, amid the rising risk of cyber insecurity?

    Have you tried creating conversations to understand them, researching on what could be going on with them or seeking parental advice to improve your situation but none of them seemed to help?

    Do you finally want to say goodbye to being in the dark about your child’s life discover something which works for you?

    If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

    You see, being in touch with your growing child’s life, and understanding everything that’s going on in their minds and life, and being assured of their well-being doesn’t have to be difficult - even if you think your teenage child is a little different.

    In fact, it’s easier than you think.

    An article in Live Science asserts that parents can be able to decode the behavior and attitudes of their teenage kids and assist them by understanding how their brain works, as well as how it controls their desires and habits.

    Another article in Mom Junction demonstrates the fact that the most important step any parent can take to understanding their teenage kids is being in touch with their psychology and environment to be able to better interpret their habits and predict behavior.

    ©2020 Patrice M Foster (P)2020 Patrice M Foster

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