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Taste It for Me

A Male Self-Tasting Encouragement Fantasy
Autor: Tina Tirrell
Sprecher: Drew
Spieldauer: 35 Min.
Kategorien: English - Fiction

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The first taste is always the sweetest.

He meets Lacey on his morning train commute. She's sweet, gorgeous, and so encouraging and spunky. He can't help but fall for her, and fast, making him eager to do anything - try anything - she might ask. Her simplest request, spoken - and demonstrated - in the most compelling ways at every encounter, leads to his first sensual experiences of a very specific kind: tasting his own. 

How can he refuse Lacey's girlish temptations and playful prodding? How can he resist pleasing her and being the cause of that amazing smile of hers just by fulfilling her deepest, sexiest wishes? When he sees how much it turns her on, when she so convincingly shows him how incredibly sexy it really is, he just can't help himself: at her place or his, in so many different ways, in the midst of various erotic acts, and even on the crowded public train itself.

His appetite grows with each new sensual experience shared with Lacey, compelling him to add something new to the sexual "menu" he never considered before. He's developing a hunger for it all his own, all because of her irresistible ways of repeating her most favorite request. 

Her sweet, seductive ways of generating genuine first-time appetite - his femdom firsts and gentle, sexy self-tasting instruction - their countless erotic encounters exploring new realms of sensuality for all the senses.

©2013 Tina Tirrell (P)2018 Ardour Press

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