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    Do you go through each and every day with the lack of a pleasing sex life? Have you perhaps just heard the buzz about tantric sex and wish to please your curiosity on the subject? Or worse, do you have a dwindling love between yourself and your partner that you are desperately seeking a method of repairing? If so, this is the audiobook for which you have been waiting!

    Whatever the reason is for opening yourself to this audiobook on tantric sex, the spiritual experience of tantra is always ready to open itself to you. Moreover, this audiobook provides an abundant amount of information pertaining to ways you can instill tantric sex into your life so that you and your partner reap all of the benefits it offers. Not to mention, this audiobook presents and expands upon the origins of tantric sex so you have a strong background of knowledge before implementing tantric sex into your life.

    You will also access an in-depth understanding of the seven chakras and how these can be used to boost your sex life and unique connection with your partner. In this way, you and your partner can have the best sex of your lives and fall more in love while you learn to open your selves to appreciate aspects of each other that neither of you was privy to before.

    While some tantric sex guides mention only the main points, this audiobook delves into detail about specific ways to please your partner, with sections dedicated squarely to pleasing “him” and “her”. Indeed, this will allow you to sharpen your knowledge and skills for tantric sex so that your next foray in the bedroom with your partner has maximized pleasure and enjoyment for both of you. By knowing what both men and women want from sex and intimacy, you will be more equipped to become the best lover you can possibly be.

    Inside, you will find:

    • An in-depth look at the history of tantra, as well as how it made its way West.
    • Descriptions of each of the chakras, their colors, locations, and functions.
    • Various methods of use for tantra.
    • A preparation guide for tantric expression.
    • Information on the benefits for him and for her.
    • And much more!
    ©2019 Andrew King (P)2019 Andrew King

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