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  • Tantric Sex

  • The Complete Guide to Tantric Experiences for Massage, Meditation, Yoga, Dating With Sex Positions. Get Rid of Taboos and Use Sexual Energy to Explore Your Sexuality. Tips for Couples
  • Autor: Rachel Meurisse
  • Sprecher: Megan Dooley
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 2 Min.
  • Kategorien: Erotik, Sexpraktiken

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    Do You Want To Discover Ancient Sex Techniques and Reach a New Level of Pleasure?

    Are you....

    • Curious about trying new sex techniques?
    • Looking for ways to make your relationship even more intimate?
    • Dreaming of multiple orgasms?

    Then you should definitely try tantric sex!

    Contrary to what you may have heard, tantric sex is not some weird esoteric orgy. It is an ancient Hindu practice that aims to achieve a complete sexual union that’s not just physical. Tantric sex is just as much about emotional intimacy and releasing each other’s sexual energy. It’s also about respect and adoration. The sexual act is just a part of the Tantric experience, which also includes massage, intense eye contact, and other erotic practices.

    Here are some benefits of tantric sex:

    • It releases sexual energy, breaking taboos, and insecurities
    • It deepens and strengthens your emotional bond
    • Multiple orgasms in both women and men! Yes, you’ve read it correctly!

    Does this sound good?

    OK, so how do you practice tantric sex? First of all, you need a loving partner. Second, you need this audiobook.

    Here’s what this audiobook will teach you:

    • The biggest secret to preparing an unforgettable tantric experience
    • The special little things that make tantric foreplay different from “normal” foreplay
    • Some tantric sex positions to try out
    • The ancient art of tantric massage
    • How to reach mind-blowing orgasms and help your partner do the same

    Is tantric sex boring? Even if you strongly prefer quickies, calmly adoring and caressing your loved one is a highly satisfying experience that’s anything but boring.

    What if you’re into BDSM? Don’t worry: You can channel your sexual energy in many ways once you’ve liberated it through tantric foreplay. In Tantra, there is a place for domination and submission. Just try it!

    Are you ready for spectacular sex? It’s just a click away!

    Buy now!

    ©2020 Rachel Meurisse (P)2020 Rachel Meurisse

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