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    Two Books in One

    The world of tantric lovemaking is a mysterious and exciting one. We've all likely heard of tantra when it comes to massage and sex, usually from an adventurous friend, but so few of us know what tantric lovemaking is and what it could do for our relationships.

    Tantra as it is known to us in the modern world of lovemaking has its roots in ancient Hindu tradition. The concept behind it is to make the spiritual physical and to make the divine into the everyday. Here these principles are used to allow lovers to take control of their passions and bodies to better connect to their partner and to have intimacy that is longer, more intense, and more loving.

    Feel that your love life has been stuck in a rut? Want to make love for longer and have the full-bodied orgasms that always just felt out-of-reach? Tantra lovemaking will help you experiment in the bedroom in a way that is in tune to your personal needs and desires.

    With easy to follow and jargon-free guidance you will be taught the philosophy of tantric lovemaking, how it has entered the Western world, and how it can be folded into our own relationship. You will be taught breathing and meditative exercises that let you have a new control over you mind, feelings, emotion and body.

    You will learn how to control your sexual energy to direct it where you choose and to use it to compliment your partner's own sexual energy. Discover every contour of your body, how your own sexual needs manifest, and how to fill your own desires while giving your partner maximum pleasure.

    Tantric massage and sex can seem like a lavish goal that will take years of training and self-discipline. The truth is that with the tools given in this book you will see an immediate increase in the amount of sex you have and how much intense it is. You can then use these basic tools to help you grow as lovers and as a partnership.

    ©2016 Kamasutra Lifestyle (P)2016 Kamasutra Lifestyle

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