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  • Taboo Sex Stories

  • Domination and Submission, Anal Penetretion for a Virgin, Milf, First Time, Dirty Talk, HowWive and More
  • Geschrieben von: Allison Ruiz
  • Gesprochen von: Kat Black
  • Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 9 Min.
  • Kategorien: Erotik, Literatur & Belletristik

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    About stories: 

    • A stepmother feeling unloved by her husband spends a night in a special club with her twin stepdaughters.
    • A dedicated kindergarten teacher spends her nights learning hard lessons from her strict boyfriend.
    • A sexually explicit anniversary gift request leads to many surprises.
    • And an unlikely wedding requirement becomes a future wife’s joy.

    These four stories combine to make Taboo Sex Stories a thrilling, erotic romp through the depraved and wicked mind of Allison Ruiz. 

    Written with an honest voice and dialogue not often found in erotica, these stories ring true and examine some of the secrets that are hidden behind the closed doors and walls of our homes and clubs.

    • Follow Carrie as she explores her sexuality in Pushing the Right Buttons, turning her resentment toward her husband into some very unexpected situations with her stepdaughters
    • In Continuing Education, Mary is forced to leave her Teacher of the Year creds at the door of her home when she becomes the student of her very firm boyfriend.
    • In A Special Anniversary Gift, Rebecca’s request for a present that will invite others into their bedroom forces Gary to decide how and whether he will meet the needs of his nymphomaniac wife. 
    • And in The Wedding Vow, Doug has a new requirement for the woman he wants to marry; he’s just concerned that when he tells her, she may decide against the wedding. 

    Don’t miss this compilation of thrilling, well-told stories that will keep you on the edge of a climax that you will want to hold at bay until the episode completes. 

    ©2020 Allison Ruiz (P)2020 Allison Ruiz

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