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Systemic Treachery: Mission 5 (Black Ocean: Astral Prime)

Sprecher: Mikael Naramore
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 50 Min.

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An old foe returns to collect a high price.

The syndicate had given her an ultimatum: disappear. Watched and wary, Fujita Hiroko obeyed for years, burying herself in work. Now one of the galaxy's most recognized faces, owner of the universe's must-see tourist trap, she can't hide any longer.

And that's going to cost her.

The Ruckers don't take kindly to loose ends, and they don't want their history with the station director coming to light. Already struggling to keep up with the demands of the massive influx of pilgrims, scientists, and tourists to Astral Prime, Hiroko won't be prepared for what's coming her way. All the new security personnel won't be enough to stop the assassin.

Because the assassin has help on the inside.

©2019 J.S. Morin and M.A. Larkin (P)2019 J.S. Morin and M.A. Larkin


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