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Have you ever been at work and walked into your coworker’s office only to realize you’ve completely forgotten the reason you were going in there? Do you wonder why you forget awesome dreams so quickly or why a certain smell can trigger such a powerful memory?

These two audiobooks by Ivan Harmon seek to address your concerns and also help you to understand your mind better.

In 10 Fun Facts About Your Memory: How Does Your Memory Work, you will learn that the human brain is an amazing thing, and our ability to remember everything from the big, life-changing events that rock our world to the smallest details is complicated and fascinating.

You will also learn some interesting facts about your memory and your brain, and find answers to some of the questions you’ve been wondering about, like whether you should pull that all-nighter or not.

10 Interesting Facts About Your Own Mind That You Probably Don’t Know will inform, inspire and stimulate you to try new ways of thinking and working creatively. Forget what you know and dive into this audiobook to learn the most interesting facts about the mind that you probably didn’t know.

It is an exciting look at the most recent research into the capabilities and mechanics of our most powerful organ - the brain.

10 Interesting Facts About Your Own Mind That You Probably Don’t Know delivers valuable information and suggestions for getting the most out of your mental capacity and can help improve your multi-tasking, concentration,and artistic endeavors. Listen and unleash your potential - you will be surprised at how much you’re capable of.

©2017 Ivan Harmon (P)2018 Ivan Harmon

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