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    It’s been two years since Tom Keeler left the military, but a combat medic never forgets his pilot. 

    So, when he hears that Mallory’s got terminal brain cancer, Keeler drops everything to see her one last time. 

    But then he runs into a beautiful journalist, who’s trying to escape cartel assassins out to kill her. 

    Keeler’s up for the challenge, but he can’t get Mallory or her family involved, because the cartels never forget. 

    So he’s got to compartmentalize. 

    On one hand, there’s a woman who’s life needs saving. 

    On the other, an old buddy who’s life can’t be saved. 

    And this is Texas, on the hottest day of the hottest month of the hottest year that anyone can remember.

    ©2020 General Projects Limited (P)2020 General Projects Limited

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