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    When you toy with science, the biggest danger - and delight - is when nature takes over.

    Clive will never do it again. He knows he won’t. He just absolutely can’t.

    Growing up is hard enough. Growing up too quickly is positively frightening.

    When Clive decides to cement his promise to himself with a visible reminder of all those dirty deeds and accidental adventures in his past, maybe sneaking one more little purple pill from his father’s lab isn’t the best idea. Maybe keeping it near him is the worst idea of all.

    But he’s never going to use it. Not again. He just might not live through one more worst - and best - day of his life.

    Clive never guesses that maybe she will swallow down that mysterious little tablet all on her own.

    He only met her today. She’s his babysitter. And he can’t possibly guess that she’s the kind to just swallow things without permission. Thanks to the transforming, instant, whole-bodied effects of the little purple pill, that means everything in her sight.

    Her accidental bimbofication and erotic age regression - his incidental age play and suckling taboo first-time experience - their babysitter sex stories.

    ©2015 Tina Tirrell (P)2018 Ardour Press

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