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    In The Nighthawks Motorcycle Club, Book 2 - Ivy needs revenge on Claw for taking down the love of her life, Arsenal. She's got the perfect plan, and it just needs to be executed at the prime time. Gregory is in for a real shock. What kind of sadistic assholes do that stuff, anyway? Is it really possible for humanity to suck that damn much? When Gregory finds Elena and her daughter next door, the news is crimson-black. A black death would be better than what the guy did to them. He's decided he's going to be there no matter what. Ivy and Ace continue to prosper at Dirty Rock, and Ace meets a new girl, the beautiful Lily. She's dark, stormy, and bites like a viper. She can sting like a bee too if he's not super-careful. He'll find that out soon enough! The Nighthawks have more than enough to deal with right now, helping all the members out with one thing or another, between organizing rides and working. But that's how they roll, "Let the wind be always at your back; ride on and remember the fallen."

    ©2017 Bella Knight (P)2017 Bella Knight

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