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    Are you ready for some of the most exciting, death-defying escape stories ever told? The fourth installment in the Great Escapes series is here - perfect for fans of the I Survived series! 

    December 13, 1920. It was a typical Monday morning when three US Navy officials boarded a hot-air balloon for an easy, routine training flight. But as evening came, heavy rain and wind knocked Lieutenants Louis Kloor, Stephen Farrell, and Walter Hinton off course, eventually forcing a crash landing deep within the snowy Canadian wilderness. As the men searched for salvation, they were overcome by freezing temperatures, starvation, and fatigue. To survive this harrowing experience, the brave military officers would have to go up against their greatest enemies yet - desperation and despair. 

    Each audiobook in this pause-resisting series - featuring fascinating bonus content and captivating illustrations - will leave you excited for the next adventure!  

    ©2020 Steven Otfinoski (P)2020 HarperCollins Publishers

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