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    My captor. My tormentor. Mine...


    He said he’ll ruin me, and he did....

    He demanded that I give in to him....

    And I had.

    He knotted me, bonded me. He mated me, imprinted his touch in every cell of my body. Then, he betrayed me.

    He broke my will.

    He crushed my heart. 

    Now, I am done.

    It's time I avenged my humiliation. What I desire most...? 

    His defeat.

    My freedom.

    Except, the secret I hold over him threatens to destroy me, as well.

    Dystopian paranormal romance. In this book, you'll find a snarling, possessive male who'll do anything to claim his woman.

    Laxmi's note: You know what Kayden did to Chloe in Captive of the Alpha. Now, watch Chloe turn the tables. Don't miss this book!

    ©2019, 2020 Laxmi Hariharan (P)2020 Laxmi Hariharan

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