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    Including Ultimate Superfoods, 31 Superfood Recipes, Superfood Smoothies, Superfood Cereal, and More

    "Healing Food"

    In addition to being nutrient dense, most superfoods are also quite low in calories, which makes them ideal for a weight loss diet. Consuming these superfoods when on a diet ensures that you do not develop any deficiency, and yet your calorie intake remains as low as possible.

    The easiest way to consume most superfoods is to eat them raw on their own. However, it can become quite boring after some time. So, we have compiled 31 recipes that use any superfood as a main ingredient. These recipes have been specifically selected for their practicality and ease of processability.

    By following these recipes, you can incorporate more superfoods in your daily diet, without the tedious time-wasting task of having to plan out your meal plans. It's already done for you here. Open up and enjoy!

    ©2015 RMI Publishing (P)2015 RMI Publishing

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