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    Imagine you...talking to you....

    What would you say?

    Would you be proud of who you’ve become?

    In The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz brings us the wisdom from the Toltecs.

    The Toltecs were religious warriors who spread the cult of their god to all corners of their empire.

    Their wisdom and teachings are timeless and universal.

    Have you ever gone through a day and wondered, what the heck have I done today?


    Maybe you’ve done something ‘bad’ and you find yourself in disbelief.

    Moment to moment, we are guided by our values and beliefs.

    When was the last time you upgraded your values and beliefs?

    The Four Agreements is written by Don Miguel Ruiz and first published in 1997. Since then, the book has sold over 8.2 million copies in the US and has been translated into 46 languages. It has been on the New York Times best seller list for over a decade.

    Here’s what you’ll discover…

    • Agreement #1: Be impeccable with your word
    • Agreement #2: Don’t take anything personally
    • Agreement #3: Don’t make assumptions
    • Agreement #4: Always do your best
    • And so much more

    If you’re ready to learn more about timeless, universal Four Agreements, click on the "Buy Now" button and start listening to this summary book now!

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