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    A smarter you in 15 minutes.... What is your time worth?

    Described as America’s favorite finance coach, what Dave Ramsey teaches works just as well in any currency! In The Total Money Makeover he reveals in plain, no-nonsense language just how any of us can get rid of those soul-destroying debts and still end up with a nice fat retirement or rainy-day fund. If you want to get yourself on a sound financial footing (and who doesn’t?), just listen to this audiobook and follow Dave’s advice. It really is that simple! Dave Ramsey would never have acquired the following he has, all across the US of A if his advice wasn’t sound.

    Forget the crazies and the crooks and follow the guy with the knowledge. He’s not promising you a fantasy lifestyle. He’s not promising you’ll be the next Trump, Branson, or Jobs. What he is saying is that if you follow the plans and apply the lessons you’ll learn from this audiobook, you will wind up debt-free, comfortably well-off, and with more than enough for you to enjoy your eventual retirement and still leave a nice legacy for the kids.

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