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    When it comes to marriage, there are lots of different schools of thought. However, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Marriage is hard work.

    In The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, the author explains that in his years of researching marriage, he discovered that happy couples shared some things in common that unhappy couples seemed to be lacking. He explains how he can watch a couple for just a few minutes and predict with almost perfect accuracy whether or not they will divorce.

    In this guide, you will get a sneak peek at the seven principles: 

    • Enhance your love maps 
    • Turn toward each other instead of away 
    • Let your partner influence you 
    • Overcome gridlock
    • Solve your solvable problem 
    • And so much more 

    After listening to this summary, you will find that you relate much better with your spouse. You’ll be able to come together on things you’ve struggled with in the past. Or if you can’t work them out, you can at least learn to live with each other.

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