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  • Summary of The Road to Character: by David Brooks | Includes Analysis

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    The Road to Character: by David Brooks | Summary & Analysis   

    Please note: This is a detailed summary and analysis of the book and not the original book.

    A Smarter You In 15 Minutes… What is your time worth?   

    The Road to Character by David Brooks explores and identifies the most important qualities that move a human being’s life from being one that is all consuming and self-centred to serving something more than itself. The author draws on a wide range of important historical figures to show his listeners exactly how they demonstrated each quality.  

    The book discusses in detail how life experiences, both negative ones and positive ones, shape who we are as people. David Brooks explores how a sense of humility and passion is absolutely fundamental for success and to make a meaningful life for ourselves. After all, at our funerals, would we want our eulogies to be about how driven and work focused we are, or would we want people to remember us in a different way, perhaps for our kindness, bravery, and faithfulness?  

    He suggests in his book that for forging a strong and good character, love, humility, suffering, obedience, and vocation are needed and writes that “character is a set of disposition, desires, and habits that are slowly engraved during the struggle against your own weakness”. He completely disregards any notions that economics and an absence of money or status have any impact on how a person’s character is shaped.     

    • Detailed overview of the book
    • Most valuable lessons and information
    • Key Takeaways and Analysis

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