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Summary of The Intelligent Investor is the audiobook you need to listen to if you want to become an investor. It's a summary of the classic that draws on points that will never change while bringing to light the new points that you need to know. 

There is a lot of practical knowledge that has stood the test of time. This audiobook is a useful tool that you will refer to time and again. As you listen to this summary you will discover how the stock market has changed and how it has stayed the same. 

(Disclaimer: This is NOT the original book. If you’re looking for the original book, it is available from Amazon and Audible.)

You will know what it takes to learn the rules. By the end of the book, you will be an intelligent investor who knows what to risk and when to hold.    

You will also find: 

  • A complete chapter by chapter summary 
  • A commentary for each chapter 
  • A background on the author 
  • An understanding of why the audiobook is important
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