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US Navy SEALs lead to win - right? In this audiobook, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin - two Navy SEAL leaders - outline lessons they learned in their time in the military. 

They have taken the principles of SEAL leadership and applied them to the business world. 

In this guide, you’ll get a brief explanation of principles such as: 

  • Taking extreme ownership 
  • There are no bad teams, only bad leaders 
  • Believe (in the mission) 
  • Check the ego 
  • Cover and move 
  • Simplify everything 
  • Prioritize and execute 
  • Decentralized command 
  • And so much more 

These leaders explain the concept from the perspective of the SEAL teams and then take them and explain how they fit into the business world - and how they were used to turn a negative business situation around. 

The authors of this audiobook have seen these principles work time and time again. That is why they believe them to be effective. 

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