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Summary of Come Sundown by Nora Roberts

Sprecher: Elisabeth Lagelee
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Note: This is an unofficial summary and analysis of Come Sundown, meant to enhance your listening experience, and not the original book.

Here's an excerpt from the book:

Western Montana - 1991 and onwards: Alice Bodine's Story

Alice Bodine is 21 and returning home after her stint as the prodigal Bodine daughter. Her elder sister Maureen had always been traditional and perfect while Alice was always the rebel. Since comparison between the two was inevitable one way or another, Alice grew tired of hearing Maureen's praises. The last straw was Maureen's traditional wedding. Alice ran away from home on the night before Maureen's wedding day to become a Hollywood star. When she could not make it in Hollywood and took an array of jobs that also included cleaning other people's dwellings, her lack of funds and the fact that she missed home made her hike back home. She misses her mother, sister, and grandparents and wonders how they will receive her. Struggling in the cold and snow on her path, she believes that she should have informed her family of her return. When a blue Ford approaches her, she thanks her stars. The driver knows the Bodine ranch, her family's place, and assures her that he can take her there. However, the driver beats, bounds, gags, and kidnaps her.

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