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    Learn about the future of artificial intelligence in a fraction of the time it takes to listen to the actual book!

    Inside your cranium is the thing that allows you to read: your brain. Animals have other features, like knifelike claws and powerful muscles. But our brains have let us create a system for verbal communication, science, electronics, and intimate public arrangement. Each generation has done better and progressed further than the previous generation.

    We have the dominance because we can build the things. We could build a superintelligence that could safeguard human values. But we'd get only one chance, because if the superintelligence became unfriendly, getting rid of it or changing it would be next to impossible.

    It seems possible that sometime soon there could be an artificial intelligence advancement. And a couple of chapters in this book are devoted to possible pathways to that. But the majority of the book is devoted to what happens next. The powers of the superintelligence, the decisive choices available. Then how do we mold the conditions to get a survivable and favorable outcome? Toward the end we look at the big picture and how to avoid catastrophe.

    There may be things in this book Bostrom fails to take into account, and he may draw some wrong conclusions. There is uncertainty, and it is expressed when necessary.

    Here is a preview of what you'll learn when you download your copy today:

    • How artificial intelligence works and the way it will change the future
    • The reason why it would be difficult for one organization to dominate the artificial intelligence industry
    • How the world needs to work together in order to create a safe and responsible form of artificial intelligence

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