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    Please note: This is an analysis and key takeaways of the book, not the original book.

    Description of the original book summarized here: The Power of Habit is more than just a scientific work filled with scientific information. It is also a book that can help us to understand why there are habits in our lives, how they are created, whether they can be changed, and, if yes, how they can be changed. This book is practical literature with a practical approach to solving a problem.

    It's a journey through time to the edge of scientific discoveries that explain why we form habits and how we can change or substitute them for ones we'd like.

    Duhigg's intriguing anecdotes delight, amuse, and surprise, whilst giving the gift of vast amounts of insight and information. A truly fresh perspective on the psychology of routine, from the good luck ritual performed religiously by an athlete, to the forefront of revolution, life, in all aspects is driven by this mechanism.

    Understanding this fully will assist us in improving ourselves, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and in turn our lives and our livelihoods in ways we may have always wanted to. Utilizing its power can enrich and enhance our communities and quality of life for many more people, and as such this best seller is essentially a bible for anybody with a growth mindset.


    • Detailed overview of the book
    • Most valuable lessons and information
    • Key takeaways and analysis

    In addition, the author draws heavily on stories of people and events to provide anecdotal support and cogent examples of his theories of habit and habit change.

    Summary: The Power of Habits by Charles Duhigg maximizes retention of knowledge and provides a fast knowledge refresher when you need it.

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